AdSense: How to Overcome Responsive AdSense Ads That Don’t Appear (Blank)

Hello adsense publisher, this time I will share tricks or ways to deal with responsive adsense ads that do not appear or are blank, maybe you are the one who has or is experiencing this. For this,

let’s look at the following explanation regarding the causes of adsense ads if responsive does not appear even though the ad status is active even if the ad position is moved to another place.
AdSense: How to Overcome Responsive AdSense Ads That Don't Appear (Blank)
Causes of AdSense Responsive Ads Not Appearing
Adsense ad scripts are basically developed with advanced technology and are handled by programming experts with above average abilities.
So if google adsense responsive ads do not appear or do not appear, it is caused by one thing only, namely the website / blog template that you are using does not support the responsive adsense style (true).
But you are about it, you don’t need to change the template to be able to use adsense responsive ads because here I will provide a solution in 3 different ways at once.

How to Troubleshoot Responsive Ads That Don’t Appear (Not Appearing).

  • The first way – Edit the adsense ad code and remove the responsive code ( data-full-width-responsive = “true” ) from the adsense ad code then install it again, then refresh the web page to see if responsive ads can appear that way.
  • The second way – Use responsive ads with a specific size (having a height and width value), you can see how to create a responsive ad with a specific size in my previous article. See how to create responsive ads with specific sizes .
  • The third way – Create a new container that has a specific size and insert the ad code inside the container like the example below.
<div class=”ad_container”>
<–adsense ad code here–>
Also add the following css code to give a responsive style to the ad_container with a specific size.


I think in one of the ways above the problem of responsive ads that don’t appear (not showing) will be resolved.
If it still doesn’t appear, please try combining the first method and the third method, which is to create a new container that has a height and width value then remove the responsive data-full-width-responsive = “true” style from the ad code.
If You Think It’s not easy to solve the problem of Google Adsense responsive ads that don’t appear or don’t appear. I think this method is better to solve it than having to replace the template which doesn’t necessarily have the same problem.

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