7 Ways to recover Deleted Photos From Samsung phones (2022)

Photo or video not in gallery?
Try checking your phone’s trash box. If the photo was accidentally deleted while you were operating your phone, it should still be in the trash for up to 30 days after deletion. So, you can recover the deleted photos to your Mobile phone gallery. This applies to Android phones, including Samsung .
On Samsung phones, you can recover photos and videos or any files that have been accidentally or intentionally deleted . Then, how do you do it? Let us examine more about this. There are steps that you have to do so that you can recover the deleted photos.

How to recover permanently deleted photos from Samsung

1. Through the Gallery

7 Ways to recover Deleted Photos From Samsung phones (2021)
Every Mobile phone must have a gallery as a medium for collecting photos and videos. However, it seems that not many people know that from the gallery we can Recover deleted photos. Here are the steps you must take to recover deleted photos through the gallery:
  • Open your mobile gallery. Then find the three dots which are located in the upper right corner. Tap the three dots icon.
  • Select the option Trash.
  • After that a page will appear containing the photos that have been deleted. Includes screenshot images and videos.
  • Find the photo that you want to return to the gallery by tapping the Recover icon in the form of an upward curving arrow.
  • If the photos you are going to recover are more than one, you can mark the photos first so that you can recover them all at once.
  • Wait a few moments then check your gallery whether the photos have returned to the gallery.

2. Via Google Photo

7 Ways to recover Deleted Photos From Samsung phones (2021)
Google Photo is a photo sharing and saving service developed by Google. This service was launched in mid-May 2015. This service provides free storage for photos and videos up to the highest resolution.
If your photo is deleted and you want to restore it, you can take advantage of the Google Photo service. Here’s how:
  • Open the Google Photo app. The Google Photo icon resembles a colorful paper pin. The process of restoring photos from Google Photos is similar to the first method described above.
  • Tap the Gallery menu , then open the Trash menu .
  • On that page, you will see the photos that have been deleted. Look for the photo that you want to Recover in the gallery, then tap Restore.
  • Mark the photos that you want to restore, then tap the icon with an arrow curving upwards. It is the icon for restoring photos in Google Photos.
With Google Photos, the time limit for storage in the trash can is longer, which is 60 days. Whereas in the litter box only 30 days.

3. Through Data Recovery Software

7 Ways to recover Deleted Photos From Samsung phones (2021)
This software consists of several tools that allow smartphone users to recover deleted photo files and documents stored on the memory card. The method is as follows:
  • Download the Data Recovery application on your computer or laptop, then follow the instructions to install the application.
  • Run the application. Then connect the Samsung phone to the computer using the help of a USB cable. Before that, first enable USB Debugging on Samsung devices.
  • After this instructions will appear in selecting the type of file to be scanned. On a rooted device , this program will automatically perform the scanning process. But if not, you will see the option to root or continue scanning with incomplete data.
  • Tap on the allow button so the program can scan and analyze the files you choose.
  • Then, select the data in question. Find a location to perform the recovery by tapping the Restore button so that the data is recovered onto your computer.
  • If you want the data to be restored on the memory card, you can enter the memory card as a data recovery location into the computer, then select Android SD Card Recovery mode.

4. Using EaseUS MobiSaver

Now we take advantage of third-party applications to restore deleted photos. EaseUS MobiSaver is one that can help you to save files that have disappeared from the gallery. Not only photos, this application can restore documents, contacts, text and even audio files.
So far EaseUS MobiSaver is an application known as the best data recovery application. So, there’s nothing wrong with using an application that you can also download for free from the Google Play store so that your valuable files can return to the gallery. Come on, follow the instructions!
  • Make sure you have EaseUS MobiSaver installed on your computer
  • Open the EaseUS MobiSaver application, then connect to the Samsung mobile device. Click Start .
  • The application will scan the deleted files. After the scanning process is complete, click on Gallery .
  • Select the photos that you want to recover. Check these photos so that they can be recovered at once.
  • Click Restore and select a storage location to restore. You can use a Mobile phone or computer as a storage location.
  • Wait a few moments for all photos to be recovered successfully.

5. Using Samsung Cloud Backup

7 Ways to recover Deleted Photos From Samsung phones (2021)
For those of you who are diligent in doing data backups and have secured all the files on your Mobile phone to Samsung Cloud Backup, it means that you are one step faster in the process of restoring deleted data from Samsung Mobile Phones.
To recover photos from Samsung Cloud Backup, the condition is that these photos have to be backed up beforehand. Here’s how to recover photos using the help of Samsung Cloud Backup:
  • Open the settings menu on the phone, then select Account and Backup.
  • Select Backup and Restore.
  • Click Recover, then select the photos that you will recover.
  • After that, click Recover Now so that the photos in the Samsung Cloud Backup return to the Samsung phone.

6. Restore Disk Digger Application

7 Ways to recover Deleted Photos From Samsung phones (2021)
Talking about the process of recovering data, Disk Digger is an application that is often recommended by writers in technology media. You can use this application developed by Defiant Technologies, LLC on hard drives, USB and memory cards. Immediately, we see the steps to recover deleted photos below:
  • Make sure your device is rooted first. However, you need to know that the rooting process of a device has its own risks. If in doubt, you should look for another app that doesn’t require the device to be rooted .
  • For devices that have been rooted , you can start the process of recovering deleted photos. Run the DiskDigger application.
  • After that, select Allow so that this application can access root and select the notification can not appear to automatically update.
  • Search and find the photos you are about to recover from within the folder. Next, click OK .
  • The application will then scan the file first. Click File and select Save to recover deleted photos.

7. Restore Phone Rescue Program

7 Ways to recover Deleted Photos From Samsung phones (2021)
Finally, there is the Phone Rescue application . This is the photo deleted photo saver from Samsung phones. This application is made completely. Interestingly, not only photo files can be saved, there are more than 25 files that can be saved so that you can have them again. Come on, follow the instructions to save the following deleted photos:
  • First, download the Phone Rescue app first. Install it on your computer.
  • Connect your mobile device with the computer with the help of a USB cable.
  • Open the file folder that you will recover. Then right click to start photo scanning.
  • After the scanning process is complete, all files that have been deleted will appear again.
  • Select the file you want to recover, click on the button located at the right corner to save it again.
So, those are some ways to Recover deleted photos on Samsung Mobile Phones. From the steps above we take the conclusion that the best way to mengantisipas loss of a file it photos, video, audio and even other documents are mem -Backup . If a folder is damaged or or files are missing, you can find it easier to find and restore it to its original place.
Better prevent than to cure, is not it? In this case data backup is a precautionary step before you lose your valuable files. Let’s open the folder and gallery then check if the files in it are still complete. If something is missing, please try the steps above.

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