7 Best and Free Video Editing Apps for Android

Now if you want to become a professional video editor, you don’t need a high-spec computer. Because you can do video editing on your cellphone using the Android video editing app. Luckily if you have an Android phone, you can immediately try video editing on your Android phone.
7 Best and Free Video Editing Apps for Android
There are many choices of video editing apps on Android, some are free and some are paid. The features provided in the free version are not much different from the paid ones. You can easily find free video editing apps.
Because there are many applications for editing videos on Android that are already scattered on the google play store and on the internet, TechPk will discuss the best Android video editing apps of all of them. Although the features are not as complete as apps on PCs in general, some of these apps will really help you for basic video editing.
Not even a few now the video content creators on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram only have android screen recorder apps and video editing applications on Android only. Let’s read more about the 7 best android video editing apps below.
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Best Android Video Editing Apps

Below are the 7 best Android video editing apps, the TechPk version. All the applications mentioned below you can use for free, and have their own advantages. This is the best video editing application for Android phones.

1. KineMaster Pro Video Editor

7 Best and Free Video Editing Apps for Android
KineMaster Pro Video Editor is an app that can do video editing on Android, add scene change effects, and provide pretty cool animations. This application is very widely used by professional video editing.
But even so, this application provides a landscape view and easy-to-understand features so that video editing beginners will definitely understand it easily.
There are many features that you will find in this app, some of which are Chroma Key. You can use the Chroma Key feature to remove the background or green screen.
With this feature, you can change the background of your video into an animation or add a green screen video to your video to make it one.

2. VivaVideo

7 Best and Free Video Editing Apps for Android
Viva Video is an android video editing application that is quite popular. It is proven because this one grandparent apps has a very large total number of downloads.
In this apps you can combine several video clips and then adjust the transition to make it better. You can also add text and animation to videos.
The way it works and the appearance given is very helpful for Android video editing beginners to quickly understand. VivaVideo provides a large selection of filters, themes, and audio that can be added to your videos. After you finish the video editing process, you can directly share it through this application to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others.

3. Quik

Quik is an easy and free Android video editing app for your Android phone. This app can add up to 75 photos or videos and then combine them into one short video. Apart from that, there you can add effects, text, and music to the video.
This apps provides 23 built-in filters that you can use in your videos to make them cooler. Quik is a recommended app if you like outdoor adventures. The Quik app can connect directly with Gopro devices.

4. InShot Video & Photo Editor

7 Best and Free Video Editing Apps for Android
Inshot is a video editing app on an Android phone that is most suitable if you like trends on Instagram. Because this application will give you effects that you often find on Instagram videos. With a portrait video display, you can add effects and your favorite songs to the video.
Apart from that, you can also add stickers to the video, adjust the video speed, crop the video size, and that’s all you can do for free in this application. If you used to often download videos on Instagram because they were cool, now you can create your own videos on InShot.

5. PowerDirector

7 Best and Free Video Editing Apps for Android
PowerDirector is an android video editing application that is almost similar to the KineMaster app. Using the concept of a timeline that is able to insert other videos into one video, add effects, stickers and animations.
This application also supports Chroma Key which can create cinematic visual effects from the green screen. PowerDirector offers complete features as a video editing app on Android.
There is a share feature to social media if you are finished at the video editing stage. Even cooler is that you can save videos from editing this app in 4K format. But to apply in 4K format, you have to pay for an additional license in this application.

6. FilmoraGo

This sixth android video editing app is an application developed by Wondershare. Judging from the experience of Wondershare, which is famous for its editor application on PC, it is certain that it will be satisfactory for Android apps.
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FilmoraGo can add effects and filters to videos, and you can add music to make it even better. Not only that, you can also add animated graphic effects in this application. All these features are free and do not provide a watermark in the resulting video.

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush
Who is not familiar with Adobe? Yes, Adobe is known for its very satisfying editing products on a PC or laptop, and now it’s available on Android too. This application is able to automatically create a video from the photos or videos that you enter.
The app can also function as a video cutter, adding transitions, music, filters, video effects and more. The display that really supports users to understand the existing functions makes this app can be used to edit Android videos quickly and easily.
Some of the best video editing applications on Android according to TechPk that you can try according to your needs. Good luck and good luck doing video editing.

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