50 Free and Latest WordPress theme 2023 | Best WordPress theme 2023

Are you looking for the Free and Latest WordPress theme to beautify your website or blog? You have found the right article. In this article, I will discuss the 50 latest free WordPress themes that you can use for various websites or blogs.

Not only free, but the free WordPress themes that I discuss below are also responsive and SEO-friendly. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the free WordPress themes I’ve chosen for this article.

However, before that, I will briefly discuss how important a responsive free WordPress template is. It is important that you always consider responsiveness when choosing a WordPress theme.

Why Should You Use a Responsive Theme?

Responsive design is a web design system method so that websites can perform well on various devices such as desktops, tablets, or mobile.

Based on data from We Are Social and Hootsuite, in 2017 the number of mobile device users was 66% of the 7,476 billion internet users in the world. From this data, of course, you will get many advantages when using responsive themes, including:

1. Flexible

Responsive web design will adjust the size of the device used to access the website. So, your website can be accessed properly through different devices.

2. Better User Experience

There is a term content is king, which means the content on your website is very important. So, if your website design is responsive, your website content can be accessed by visitors at any time with a variety of different devices. Visitors do not need to enlarge the screen to adjust the content on your website.

3. More Cost Effective

Another advantage when your website uses a responsive design will be more cost-effective. You don’t need to create multiple versions of your website design. Apart from that, from the SEO side, it will be more optimal because your visitors will access the same website even though they are from different devices.

4. Potential Increase in Visitors

Based on the number of mobile device users, if your website uses a responsive design, of course, the number of visitors will increase.

What to Consider When Choosing a Free WordPress Theme?

Not only discuss responsive templates, but we will also give you complete info on what you should pay attention to when choosing a free WordPress theme.

This is necessary because there are many free templates available, you need to be smart in choosing them in order to get a free WordPress theme that suits your needs.

  • Main Functions: The basic things that you need to remember are the main functions and their features. For example, if you want to create an online shop using WooCommerce, of course, you should use a free WordPress theme that supports WooCommerce.
  • Rating and Active Installation: Reviews and ratings from users will help you in choosing a theme. Apart from that, the thing that you should pay attention to is the number of active installations. The more users download and a good rating, the more convincing you will be in choosing the theme.
  • Always Updated Themes: Choose a free WordPress theme that is always updated and continuously developed by developers. Because of course, the features will continue to be developed as needed.

Free and Latest WordPress Themes 2023

Here is a collection of free SEO Friendly premium wordpress themes that you can use for free.

1. Shapely

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Shapely is a free theme with a full featured, pixel perfect design. You can also easily customize it according to your website needs. There are many widgets for the home page that you can use to add your portfolio, product / service information, call-to-action, customer reviews & testimonials, and many more.

This template also works quite well with several types of free & paid plugins such as Jetpack, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, and others. If you use this template, your website will perform well on all types of devices because it is equipped with responsive & mobile-friendly features.

Shapely is very suitable for websites with corporate needs, landing pages, portfolios, and even for creating an online store. The structure itself has been optimized in such a way as to make it more SEO-friendly. Your website will also have a greater chance of competing on search engines!

2. Newspaper X

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Newspaper X will be more optimal if it is used for magazine-type websites or online magazines. This template is based on Bootstrap and deliberately made with features that make it easier for users to set up on WordPress. 

There is a slot for placing ads on blogs such as Adsense, so you no longer need to install additional plugins or manually advertise on templates. Newspaper X consists of 4 parts with separate categories in the form of a grid, namely editorial, events, latest news, and word news. 

This makes it especially suitable for websites that display information such as news or feature articles. Some of the suitable fields for this plugin include fashion, automotive, techno, food, and lifestyle. However, it does not rule out that Newspaper X is also suitable for various other fields.

Posting your social media links is not a difficult thing to do. You just have to go to the top bar to find special social media buttons you can use.

3. Mia Ittalloni

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Mia Ittalloni is specially made for those of you who have a culinary business. The installation process for this template is quite easy because there are already informative instructions. You only need to look at the documentation section to find out how to arrange a particular section according to the appearance or function that you want.

To make it easier for customers, on the top bar you can add specific information such as address, telephone number, operating hours. as well as the social media channels you use.

4. Enigma

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Enigma is a responsive WordPress theme that is suitable for various types of websites such as business, portfolio, blogging, and others. This template is WooCommerce supported so you can immediately run an online store website with this free WordPress plugin.

By default, there are 4-page layouts, 2 template pages, and 5 widgets (1 in the sidebar and 4 in the footer). You can also display existing images on Flickr via custom widgets. Enigma is quite innovative and user-friendly judging from its slider carousel display. There are also buttons for social media in the header and footer section that you can fill in yourself.

5. Sydney

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Sydney is aimed at corporate websites as well as freelancers and wants to be known more widely online. The choice of settings in this template is quite a lot with options for Google Fonts, upload logos, and many others. There is a full slider on the main page which is effective for displaying promotional banners. 

Meanwhile, the menu bar will remain at the very top of the page so that it will always be seen by visitors. You can also add a parallax background to make the website look more attractive. To set the layout of the home page, you can use block elements that can be dragged into the section you want.

6. Parallax One

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Parallax One is here for those of you who want a website with an attractive parallax effect display. Interestingly, this template is also equipped with mobile-friendly responsive features so that it can be displayed very well on all types of devices.

Some modules are pre-installed so you can easily edit and insert website content. Having a contact form on the main page will make it easier for visitors when want to contact you.

You can create pages with subtle parallax effects with specific images, text, and buttons, these are the recommended free WordPress templates that you can use for websites with parallax effects. In addition, there are also color choices that you can choose according to your wishes.

There are a variety of other elements that you can add, for example displaying customer reviews. This customer review display can be useful for building new customer trust in your services when you want to start an online business.

7. ColorMag

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

ColorMag is a free WordPress theme with a responsive magazine view, making it perfect for content-rich websites of news, magazines, and newspapers. Judging from its high rating, this template has fairly good popularity among WordPress users.

By default, the ColorMag template also provides several ad slots for placing ad services such as Google AdSense. The location itself is in the header, sidebar, and footer. In addition, in the header and footer section you can also put buttons for social media. ColorMag works well with WordPress plugins like WooCommerce. This convenience feature promises convenience if at any time you want to display products for sale via the website.

8. Flash

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Flash is a free WordPress theme for all types of websites. This theme is made specifically for 6 types of websites, one of which is a website to display the food you sell.

The free version of this template provides features in the form of integration with the Flash Toolkit and the SiteOrigin page builder, making it easier for you to create a user-friendly website appearance. For those of you who want to add online store functionality, this theme supports WooCommerce, so it can display the content of your online store well.

9. Bistro

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Bistro is a theme created to maximize a restaurant’s website. In it, there is a built-in plugin to display the menus available in your restaurant. This template can be said to have simple features with optimal functions, such as a responsive display, displaying food menus and prices, and also a feature to display a Google Map. So that this feature can provide information that is usually sought after by culinary connoisseurs.

10. Restaurant and Cafe

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Restaurant and Cafe is a WordPress theme made especially for those of you who have a website for a restaurant, cafe, or other food and beverage business. Starting from the class of a fancy cafe or restaurant, this theme will fulfill your expectations to display information about the products you sell and other information.

The features available in this theme are quite complete, such as on the front page you can display some information, such as banner placement, testimonials, food menus, services, about, reservations, and also blogs for the articles you want to make. In addition, this template also supports WooCommerce, with a responsive appearance so that your website can appear well on all types of devices, be it desktop or mobile.

11. FoodHunt

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

FoodHunt offers a solution with an attractive design quality for a restaurant website. Several social media buttons are attached to the header section below the slider, namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and also Youtube which are very useful if you want to display a menu that is sold in the form of a video.

There are three types of views provided, namely the right sidebar, left sidebar, without sidebar with wide content, and without sidebar with content in the middle. In addition, you can display the food menu served, there are three menus to display, namely one column, two columns and a grid menu.

12. Brasserie

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

You can try brasserie if you want to have a special online shop regarding food. The design that is owned by this template, is said to have optimal functionality. This can be seen from the home page layout at the top in the form of a slider that you can use to attach the special menu image you have. Furthermore, at the bottom of the slider, there is a CTA button, making it easier for visitors to make reservations.

You can also display some things that are of interest, for example, such as an explanation of raw materials without preservatives, and fresh and special flavors. If you have a certain discount based on the day or product, through this theme you can create it at the bottom before the footer menu. Apart from that you can also add opening days and hours.

13. Virtue

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Virtue has been downloaded by more than 50,000 users. You can download this theme for free and is suitable for all types of websites. Either for e-commerce websites, personal blogs to company websites, you can use this theme. Using this theme, you are very flexible in making modifications so that it can be used for various types of websites. 

Interestingly, the Virtue theme has a Schema microdata integration which is very useful for your SEO, making it more search engine friendly and making it easier for your website to rank up.

14. Astra

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Astra is a multi-functional WordPress theme that you can use to create a blog, portfolio website, or even an online store. One of the outstanding advantages of Astra is that it is very light in size so that it does not endanger your website or blog in terms of speed.

In addition, this theme is integrated with the schema.org code and is mobile-friendly so that your website still looks beautiful on mobile devices. Click the button below to download this free WordPress theme.

15. OceanWP

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Your website project will look even better with OceanWP. Its minimalist appearance makes your website easier to navigate.

Not only that, but this theme is also very fast and responsive. So you don’t need to worry about the speed of your website or blog when using this theme.

The good news is that the OceanWP theme has been used by more than 400 thousand users. This indicates that this free WordPress theme is quite popular and trusted by WordPress users.

16. Ashe

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Ashe is suitable for those of you who are working as a blogger or freelancer. This theme can display your personal website, portfolio, or blog in an elegant and professional manner.

Interestingly, this theme automatically supports the Instagram slider. Of course, this feature is very useful for those of you who need to connect a portfolio on Instagram with a website or blog.

Interested in trying it? Check out the demo below or immediately click Download to download this theme.

17. Allium

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

If you plan to make a blog that is minimalist and still attractive, Allium is the solution. The main color of this free WordPress theme is white which can make your readers more comfortable reading the content in it.

18. Donovan

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Donovan To create an attractive web magazine or online news portal, you need an attractive WordPress theme as well. Even so, you also cannot ignore aspects of minimalism to support the comfort of your readers.

Donovan can be the perfect solution for you. This theme focuses more on presenting articles so that readers find them easier to find. With a table of content divided into various categories, readers can find your content easily.

19. Xtron

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

XtronOnline personal portfolios have become mandatory for today’s professionals. One way is to create a personal website. You need a WordPress theme that can show your personal and professional sides in balance.

One of our recommended free WordPress themes for your online portfolio is Xtron. This theme is quite simple but doesn’t lose sight of its essence to introduce you to the world with an elegant and professional look.

20. Shopstore

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Do you want to open an online store website? Relax, you don’t need to be confused looking for a suitable WordPress theme. Because Shopstore can solve your online store website display problems.

With Shopstore you can create an optimal online store website for both desktop and mobile devices. This theme is integrated with WooCommerce, making it easier for you to create an online store website.

21. Builders Landing Page

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Landing page is an important part of your website or blog. With a landing page, you can collect subscribers or even subscribers.

You don’t need to bother building a new page from scratch to create a landing page. You can use Landing Page Builders to create an effective landing page to convert visitors to your website or blog into your subscribers.

22. Pen

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Many bloggers have started to apply a minimalist concept to their appearance. They focus on writing only and don’t worry too much about other components of the blog.

If you are a blogger with a minimalist concept, Pen might be a theme for you to try next. After applying this theme, your blog readers will focus more on your writing.

23. Photographic

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

For those of you who work in the field of photography or graphic design, you can use the Fotografie theme for your portfolio website. Photographs focus on displaying your visual work like a real showcase. That way prospective clients can see your work clearly.

24. Magpaper

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Vintage designs are in vogue these days. Not only in fashion products, but vintage designs are also starting to penetrate the WordPress theme. Vintage-style WordPress themes have started appearing recently.

One of them is Magpaper. At first glance, anyone will immediately understand that this theme accentuates the vintage style of old newspapers. If you are interested in creating a new blog or web magazine in a vintage style, this theme is the solution.

25. Vast

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Vast is a free WordPress theme that is suitable for you to create a compact company profile website but without compromising on its visual appeal.

Vast’s principle is “You don’t need tons of pointless features for your project.” You can see from the sample theme, Vast really carries a simple concept. Even though it is simple, Vast still manages to provide a website that is not boring.

26. Miyazaki

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

A portfolio website is very important to you. Especially if you work in the field of visual works, be it photos, designs, paintings, and so on. Your potential clients need to see your work before using your services.

So, if you want to start creating a portfolio website specifically for visual works, this Miyazaki theme is perfect for you. With this theme, your visual work can be displayed both elegantly and professionally.

27. Getwid Base

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Getwid Base is a free WordPress theme developed based on the latest WordPress update, namely the Gutenberg editor. So we can be sure that this theme is compatible with Gutenberg.

For those of you who are starting a company or business, this theme must be considered to enhance the appearance of your company profile website. This theme is suitable for various types of businesses that want to present a simple and professional image.

28. Pinnacle

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

With modern flat design principles, the Pinnacle WordPress theme makes it easy for visitors to surf and find the main menu on the website.

The simple concept it carries makes this theme a responsive theme, both on mobile devices and desktop devices. Apart from that, this theme is also suitable for all kinds of needs, from online shops to personal blogs.

29. Euphony

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Doing online branding is mandatory for professionals in all fields, including music. Especially now that music lovers prefer to listen to music online.

As a result, professional workers in the field of music in the digital era are required to be able to market themselves online. One of the effective ways to build online branding is to create a website.

If you are looking to build a bright career in this area, a website can be an effective tool for introducing yourself to large audiences. Whether you’re a local band member, solo singer, or songwriter, consider creating an official website.

No need to bother looking for a theme for your website. Because Euphony is here to solve your problem. Euphony is a free WordPress theme specially designed for music professionals. Download here

30. Responsive

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

If you are planning to create a portfolio website as well as a personal blog, you can consider the Responsive theme. This theme provides a look that combines professional and personal impressions without losing the essence of the two.

Responsive provides three different layouts, namely blogs (full posts, blog excerpts, and blogs with three columns. You can choose any layout that matches the content you want.

31. Minimalist Blog

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Just as the name suggests, this free WordPress theme offers a minimalist style so it doesn’t overload your blog with unnecessary buttons or features.

This theme is suitable for any type of blog, be it traveling, beauty, culinary, or fashion. With a minimalist blog appearance like this, visitors will have no trouble surfing your blog.

32. Blacklite

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

With a basic black and white color, you can consider Blacklite to create a blog that is simple, but still trendy and professional. This theme is suitable for those of you who want to work in the world of blogging in a professional manner.

33. Inbox

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

If you are looking for a theme that is unique and out of the box, Inbox is one of them. Inbox offers a blog view that is designed like an email. So as if your visitors are opening an email when visiting your blog.

Of course, with a display like this, your blog readers will feel more personal because they are not like reading other people’s blogs but reading the email that comes into their inbox.

34. Justread

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

As the name implies, Justread wants to provide the perfect reading experience for your blog visitors. Its minimalist appearance and dominated by black and white will make your blog visitors feel comfortable and feel at home for a long time reading your content.

35. Readline

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

readline newest WordPress template

If you are planning to make an online magazine with a trendy and modern feel, Readline can be your best choice, Readline offers a display that accentuates an interesting mix of visuals and text.

To display mainstay content, you can take advantage of the carousel features provided by Readline. So readers can easily find your best content.

36. Blogasm

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Blogasm is designed with white space prioritizing to make readers comfortable surfing the blog. This theme is one of the best WordPress themes that prioritizes the concept of minimalism.

Even though it is still relatively new, Blogasm has managed to get a satisfactory rating on the official WordPress site, which is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Maybe you can try it by downloading it below.

37. Wpxon Blog

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Above I have provided many recommendations for free WordPress themes with a minimalist concept. If none of these themes suit your taste, this one theme might be the solution.

Yes, Wpxon Blog is a simple concept WordPress theme that you should try. A simple and minimalist concept like this is usually preferred by many bloggers because it is not only good in terms of reader comfort but also better SEO quality.

38. Boxstyle

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

A theme with a futuristic concept can also be a consideration when choosing a WordPress theme. If you want a blog or website with a futuristic concept, you can consider Boxstyle.

Boxstyle offers a modern and futuristic look, but it doesn’t make your blog or website look redundant. The most prominent part of this theme is its sidebar filled with social media icons.

Even more interesting, when visitors open your website or blog on a mobile device, it is as if they are opening a mobile application. So this theme is perfect for use in an era dominated by mobile devices like today.

39. Lingam

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

A theme with a simple and minimalist concept may not be suitable for everyone. If you want a festive and colorful look, you can try Lingam.

Lingam designed the theme with a colorful concept and a pop art style. When visitors open your website or blog, they will immediately be treated to a very festive colorful display.

If you really like and fit a concept like this, don’t hesitate to try the WordPress Lingam theme!

40. VideoMag

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

If you have a website or blog that talks about films, you need to give the VideoMag theme a try. This theme is specially designed to display content that contains videos.

41. VT Blogging

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

The appearance offered by VT Blogging is arguably quite basic. However, still a theme like this also has its own market. The proof is that this theme has been downloaded more than 3000 times and managed to get a pretty good rating.

If you are looking for a theme that is not adventurous and easy to operate, VT Blogging might be a try.

42. Mistu

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Simple views don’t always have to have a white background. You can also create a simple blog or website with a dark background.

There are not too many features offered by this theme. However, Mistu is still worth trying to create a website or blog with a simple, dark concept.

43. Webart

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

When you see this theme at a glance, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably that it is similar to Pinterest. If you produce a lot of content such as photos, graphic designs, paintings, or sketches, this is a theme you should try.

Webart is specifically designed for photographers, designers, painters, and other visual arts professionals. So you can showcase your work with an attractive appearance.

44. Ultralight

50 Free and Latest WordPress theme

Did you know that blogs are very important for business? Blogs can bring a lot of traffic to your business. Therefore you must create a blog that is devoted to capturing traffic according to topics related to your business.

Well, one of the free WordPress themes that are suitable for creating a business blog is Ultralight. Ultralight design accentuates business and professional concepts.

In addition, you can also elegantly display an invitation to subscribe to the blog at the beginning of the blog. So you can collect as many leads as possible through the blog.

45. Shuttle Business

50 Free and Latest WordPress the

Shuttle Business is a theme that can be used for any blog or website theme. From the topics of technology, health, beauty, cuisine, travel, literature, and environment, to entertainment, it is suitable to use this theme.

Its neutral base color makes it suitable for any theme. So you don’t have to worry. Whatever topic you cover on the blog, all of them are suitable to use this theme.

46. ​​Marinate

50 Free and Latest WordPress the

Visual media complements the text, text complements visual media. Maybe that was the concept Marinate wanted to raise. Even though the focus is on conveying text content, Marinate doesn’t forget that visual media such as images or photos are still important.

With the complementary concepts of visual media and text, you can trust Marinate to make your blog even more beautiful, without losing its essence to text content.

47. Qusq

50 Free and Latest WordPress the

Want to create a portfolio website that is simple, but still creative? Qusq is the solution. With Qusq you can create a beautiful, creative portfolio website, but don’t rule out simplicity.

48. MH UrbanMag

50 Free and Latest WordPress the

mh urban mag If you want to create a dark news website, MH UrbanMag is worth considering. This theme is designed with a simple dark concept, but it won’t make your website or blog look cheap.

49. MH Biosphere

50 Free and Latest WordPress the

Still from one MH UrbanMag WordPress theme producer, MH Biosphere is also a theme that you should consider. In contrast to MH UrbanMag which raised the dark concept, MH Biosphere uses brighter shades, namely green.

This theme is suitable for those of you who want to develop websites related to nature, flora, fauna, and the environment. The appearance offered is quite modern and agile so that the impression of professionalism is maintained.

50. Placid

50 Free and Latest WordPress the

Simple, minimalist, modern, and elegant are words that can describe this theme. You don’t need to bother looking for other themes because Placid can provide the solution you need. This free WordPress theme is perfect for bloggers who want to create a minimalist and trendy blog.