5 Unexpected Ways A Web Scraper Can Help Your Company Grow

5 Unexpected Ways A Web Scraper Can Help Your Company Grow

Web scraping is when you use automation tools to collect data from many websites. The process is usually performed through thousands of different proxies, which are third-party servers with unique IP addresses. People and businesses use web scraping when they want to utilize the vast amount of data available on the internet to make better decisions.
If you’ve ever copied and pasted data from a website into a spreadsheet or document, you’ve performed web scraping. But only on a small scale. A web scraper is software that enables you to collect data from millions of websites in a short time, saving you the pain of doing it manually.
This article will show you how a web scraper can help your company grow.

1. Competitor price monitoring

Competitor price monitoring involves checking the pricing of your competitors’ products and services to optimize your pricing strategies. The aim of this is to maintain a favorable price in the eyes of prospects.
Web scrapers can help you efficiently perform competitor price monitoring. You can scrape the prices of millions of products offered by competitors and organize them into a spreadsheet. Then you can analyze the pricing and improve your strategy to have a better outcome when you sell your products.
Manufacturing companies also use web scrapers to monitor the pricing strategies of their retailers. They want to confirm that retailers comply with their pricing guidelines and do not take advantage of customers.

2. Sentiment analysis

Knowing your customers’ opinions is vital. You can identify opportunities to increase your revenue by analyzing what they say about your product on online review sites, news articles, and even social media.
Web scrapers can help you with sentiment analysis. Every day, thousands of users give feedback on review sites about your product or your competitor’s product. Web scrapers can help you gather this feedback into a structured format that you can analyze and gain insights from. They save you the time of manually going through every review and ensure you don’t miss any important ones.

3. Reputation monitoring

Every company in the world has a reputation. Some companies are hated in their industry, and people try to avoid their products, while other companies are popular, and every customer looks forward to using their product.
Web scraping can help you gauge what customers think about your brand. If people share bad experiences after using your product, reach out to these customers to identify the gaps you should fill in your offering.
Knowing your brand reputation helps you prioritize marketing strategies to achieve your business goals. If people are saying good things about your brand, increase your efforts because what you’re doing at the moment is working.

4. SEO tracking

The search engine is the leading marketing channel for most companies. Most prospects usually begin their customer journey by researching search engines like Google. So it only makes sense that companies should prioritize search engine optimization to increase customer acquisition.
Search engine optimization involves improving the rankings of your content pieces for keywords your prospects use when looking for products. For example, if you were selling coffee makers, one of the keywords you would want to rank for is “best coffee makers.” By creating a content piece around this keyword and ensuring that it ranks on the first page of Google, you’re doing SEO.
Web scraping can help you with SEO tracking by learning which keywords are trending in your niche. You can then prioritize creating content around them so your prospects notice your brand and consider you when they’re ready to buy.
You can also conduct competitor analysis to see the keywords your competitors are already ranking for. You then create valuable content around those keywords so you can steal their traffic and, in the process, increase your potential of getting more customers.

5. Design new products

After analyzing the data scraped from websites of interest, you can identify valuable insights about the needs of your customers that are not being fulfilled. And then you can create new products to fill this existing gap and increase your business revenue.


Web scraping can help your business grow in so many unexpected ways. And yet, most businesses still haven’t recognized the potential web scraping has. If you take advantage of this innovative tool and use it for all the purposes mentioned above, you can grow your business to unseen highs and beat competitors that may now seem unbeatable!

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