15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

The enthusiasm for playing games using a smartphone has spread both among children and adults.

The choice of various games often makes smartphone users confused in choosing a fun game. Don’t worry, this time Techpk will recommend Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones anyone to play.

The ten piano games that will be discussed this time are not just playing the ordinary piano. You can play classical piano games just by relying on the keyboard on your Android & Iphone, you know. Want to try an exciting piano keyboard game? Let’s see the following review.

List of 15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

1. Piano Game: Classic Music Song

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

This one piano game brings you more than 100 classical music. How to play itself is very easy. You simply press the tiles that appear on the phone screen according to the required speed level.

The fun thing is, this game can be played for free without an internet connection though.

Game Features

  • No WiFi needed.
  • 100+ songs.
  • Many themes are designed

 If you are interested, please download Piano Game: Classic Music Song here Android

2. Piano Fire: Edm Music & Piano

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

Piano Game Fire: Edm Music & Piano was released by Adaric Game in 2020. This game is different from most similar piano games, because it includes EDM music in its gameplay. 

How to play is also not complicated. You only need to press the tiles that appear on the screen, following the rhythm of the song. Game Piano Fire: Edm Music & Piano you can download for free here. Android & IOS

Game features:

  • Real music feeling when tapping the tiles.
  • More albums and songs of various styles.
  • Cool design and graphics.
  • Easy to play, hard to master. Tapping only the music tile in some high-speed songs can be a real challenge!

3. Pianist HD: Piano +

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

This game presents a simple visual, with a piano that is shaped like the original. You don’t have to hit the tiles like other games, but you can play right away like when you play a real piano.

There are more than 100 MIDI musical instruments with 12 sound samples in the game. Besides being able to entertain you, the game Pianist HD: Piano + can also be used to practice. Interested? Try it right here. Android

Game features:

  • Piano 88 keys
  • Lots of high-quality sounds to explore
  • Attractive interface inspiring a pianist inside you
  • Piano with letters on the keys
  • Customize piano keyboard size – easier to tap for user around the world
  • Multi musical instrument: Grand Piano, Digital Piano, Guitar, Viola, Music Box.
  • Single-row mode; Double-row mode; Dual players; Solo mode; Performance mode.

4. Piano – Yokee™

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

Next up, there’s the Piano game from Yokee™. You can play and learn the piano at the same time with the app. In it, there are not only learning materials, but also various mini games that you can try.

You can use the mini games to train your hearing and hand coordination while playing the piano. Interested to try? Please download Piano directly from Yokee™ here. Android & IOS


  • Watch tutorial videos introduced to you by your private instructor, teaching you theory topics like notes, the staff, chords, and much more.
  • The app listens to every note you play and gives you instant feedback, so you know how to improve.
  • Practice playing tons of great tunes by reading real sheet music.
  • Play fun games to train your musical hearing, hand coordination, and sense of rhythm.

5. Kpop Piano Games: Color Tiles

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

As the name implies, this piano game is suitable for K-Pop fans to play. There are more than 50 songs from idols and singers that you can play here.

The game is very relaxing at the start. However, the higher your level, the more difficult the game you must complete. If you are interested in playing the game, please Download here Android & IOS

Game Features:

  • 100+ piano songs
  • Different color tiles

6. PianoTiles 3

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

PianoTiles 3 game is very fun to play. The game itself has several different game modes. Among them there is an ordinary mode that allows you to play the piano according to your ‘want’. Then, there is also an infinite mode that you can play after you pass the previous mode.

Not to forget, there is a battle mode that you can use to compete with other players from all over the world. PianoTiles 3 presents popular classical music, you know. You can play songs from some famous composers, such as Mozart and Beethoven. download PianoTiles 3 here

Game Features:

  • Awesome graphics and sound effect. You will feel like you are playing a real luxurious classical piano made with expensive mahogany.
  • High quality piano music soundtracks. Features a large collection of piano songs from Mozart to Beethoven
  • Hit songs including: Little Star(Mozart), Jingle Bells, Canon, Fur Elise(Beethoven)
  • Simple to play, difficult to master. Tapping only the piano Tiles 3 in some high speed songs can be a real challenge!
  • Smooth gaming experience. We tried our best to turn your mobile phone into a magic piano with real sound effects.
  • Regular Updates! We are frequently updating piano Tiles 3 to fix any bugs and come up with new awesome features that every player will love.
  • After you play the whole piano song, you can enter the ENDLESS mode directly by tap the fast play button.
  • You can save your favorite piano songs. Easy to access your favorite songs and songs recently played.

7. Real Piano

15 Best Piano Games

Real Piano is one of the piano games on Android that offers realistic visuals. You can play your favorite songs with the 88 keys available on Real Piano. Several different instrument options are also available. One of them is a grand piano.

Not only that, the audio quality produced from Real Piano is also fairly good. If you want to feel the sensation of playing a real piano in the game, Real Piano is the choice. Download the game here.

Game Features:

  • 88 Keys
  • Multitouch
  • Adjustable piano size
  • A complete keyboard
  • Studio audio quality
  • Instruments like Grand Piano, Synth, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Flute
  • A perfect real piano keyboard set
  • Very easy to use
  • 7 octaves
  • Record mode(sound file or touched key)
  • Recorded music can be shared on social media.
  • Play in loop
  • Grand Piano
  • Works with all screen resolutions – Cell Phones and Tablets

8. Piano – Gismart

Best Piano Games

Another piano game that you can try is presented by the developer Gismart again. In the game, you can play more than 200 different melodies of various genres. This includes classical and pop music.

You are of course allowed to choose the sound of the instrument. There are many options, such as accordion, piano, electric guitar, and many more. The fun thing is, the developer will add new songs every week.

Well, if you are looking for a piano game with an updated collection of songs, then you can download Piano from here Android & IOS

Game Features

  • PIANO TILES GAME: Piano games have never looked so realistic! Use the virtual piano keyboard to play anywhere. Tap piano keys under falling tiles and perform like a real pianist, following hints from these music games.
  • SONGBOOK: Over 300 piano melodies available! Choose from many styles and genres, from classical to popular repertoire you can instantly play Beethoven’s Symphony #5 or The Animals’ House of the Rising Sun! Categorized library and enhanced search will help you find awesome songs quickly. New piano songs are added every week!
  • MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Make your real piano keyboard sound differently! Change your virtual piano sound to Organ, Violin or even the sound of Electric Guitar. Enjoy the variety and originality of sounds in piano games!
  • SHARING: Music is for sharing. Play your piano music, have fun, and share your piano experience and positive vibes! Challenge your friends to beat your highest score!

9. Anime Tiles: Piano Tiles 3

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

If this one game is intended for piano lovers as well as anime. The game itself offers more than 300 anime songs that you can play. Of course, how to play is also easy. You just need to press the tiles until the song is finished.

Amazingly, this game always presents rewards in the form of coins and diamonds for you. Hey, anime lovers, can’t wait to try this game? Please just download it here. Android $ IOS

Game Features:

  • Lots of new anime songs added periodcally.
  • Endless mode. Play endless mode to get 3 crowns!
  • PVP modes.
  • Lots of free coins and diamonds. You could use them to unlock new songs!

10. Pink Piano

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

Pink Piano comes from the same developer as Real Piano, Bilkon. Therefore, the features are not much different from the game. However, the piano that is presented in this game is bright pink.

Not surprisingly, the piano game is suitable for children to play. Oh yes, one of the features available in this game is recording. So, if you want to take your little one to play the piano in the game, you can record the progress of the game. Of course, this game can also be used to practice the piano with more fun. Download Pink Piano: Android & IOS

Game Features:

  • Full Piano Keyboard (7 Octave)
  • Full Screen Keyboard
  • Record mode
  • Show / Hide Notes on keys
  • Show / Hide Bubble animation
  • Show / Hide Flying notes animation
  • Multitouch Support
  • Works with all screen resolutions – cell Phones and Tablets

11. Dream Piano

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

The fun piano game now comes with the name  Dream Piano. In the game, you can enjoy various kinds of songs that have been prepared with all genres. 

The  genres  presented in Dream Piano are Pop music, classics, and some anime songs. So that players don’t feel bored with the song, Dream Piano is very active in updating  and adding new songs every week.

In addition to having a large selection of songs, Dream Piano also has a simple way of playing. The trick, you just need to press the white rounded button according to the rhythm.

In the early levels, maybe the rhythm is slow and still easy, but in the higher levels, then you will find challenges where the rhythm will move faster.

Game feature: 

  • Simple graphics, music tiles different from other music games. Easy to play and everybody gets playing the piano!
  • Breath-taking rhythm music tiles will challenge your handspeed limit! 
  • Top challenge mode with faster music tiles gives you thrill and risk!
  • Update of numerous songs, original, classic, anime, pop and all the style to satisfy different taste.
  • Share your music game record with your friends, and compare with world-wide players on the ranking list! 
  • Sound of high quality makes you feel like in a concert, more than a music game.
  • Save your progress via Facebook account and share the progress in different devices. 
  • More challenge, more bonus and a better music game, a better self.

12. Perfect Piano

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

Do you want to play piano games with the appearance of a real piano? Maybe Perfect Piano can be one of the right solutions for you. The reason is, Perfect Piano has a graphic and interface like a real piano with 88 piano keys embedded that will be displayed on the Android cellphone screen.

Perfect Piano also provides 4 game modes namely Single-row mode, Double-row mode, Double players, and Chords mode. Another feature that Perfect Piano players can enjoy is that players can record piano playing audio while they are playing. Pretty interesting isn’t it? Download the game here. Android & IOS

Game Features:

  • 88-key piano keyboard
  • Single-row mode; Double-row mode; Double players
  • Multitouch screen support
  • Force touch
  • Keyboard width adjustment
  • Multiple in-built sound effect: Grand piano, Music box, Pipe organ, Synth bass, Steel string guitar, Strings Ensemble, Soprano Sax, Space Synth, Rhodes Piano
  • MIDI and AAC audio recording
  • Metronome
  • Direct sharing of recording file or set as ringtone

13. Mini Piano Games: Music Puzzle

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

If you want to play piano games with a cute and funny look, just try playing Piano Games Mini: Music Puzzle. 

It’s different from the previous game, where Piano Games Mini: Music Puzzle features piano passages with animated pink cats that are so adorable. Of course, there are also other piano strum colors to choose from.

For how to play it is similar to other games, you only need to press the piano keys according to the rhythm.

As for the collection of songs, it is noted that Piano Games Mini: Music Puzzle has more than 60 songs that can be played. In fact, this game also presents 6 unique instruments to make the piano tink even more serene.

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If you are bored with playing piano games, then Piano Games Mini provides several mini games. You can also increase the level of the game to make it more exciting.

Game Features:

  • More than 25 mini-games and we are working hard to add more
  • More than 60 piano melody songs, and we are adding more classical songs
  • More than 10 color tiles to select
  • Select your favorite Musical instruments
  • Level up system to unlock more items
  • Play with friends all over the world

14. Piano Kids

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

If previously discussed piano games for all ages, now Piano Kids is here as a piano game that is specifically for toddlers. This game is clearly visible to toddlers from the existing interface.

The graphical display that is given attractive colors for toddlers will attract children to play the game. Not as complicated as piano keys in general, Piano Kids only provides simple keys. You want to download this game for your sister, child, or nephew? Just click here and get the game for free!

In addition to the ten piano games above, we also have some recommendations for other piano-based games that are no less exciting for Android. What are those? Let’s check the full list below.

Game Features:

  • Totally FREE!
  •  Sounds of real instruments and high quality (Piano, xylophone, acoustic guitar, saxophone, drums, flute)
  • 30 famous songs to learn to play.
  • Fantastic Auto Play Mode to play the selected song.
  • Can select the representation of the scales “DO-RE-MI” or “CDE”.
  • Intuitive and very easy to use!

15. Magic Tiles 3

15 Best Piano Games For Mobile Phones

Game Magic Tiles 3 has a concept that is practically similar to the previous Piano Tiles. Yes, you just need to press the black buttons. There are 4  piano bars  that you can press according to the existing rhythm.

In addition, in Magic Tiles 3 you can choose several playing modes such as Band Mode or Battle Mode. However, if you want to play it with a more exciting challenge, then you can choose challenge mode. Well, whatever the choice of mode, you can still download Magic Tiles 3 for free  here Android & IOS

Game features:

  • Real music feeling when tapping the black tiles
  • Many HOT songs with great vocals are frequently updated
  • Many genres of music: POP, EDM, classical, country, Latin

Well, that’s a row of piano game recommendations that can be the best choice for you. Is there one of the games above that catches your eye for you to play on your smartphone?

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