15 Best Fire Fighting Games to Play

15 Best Fire Fighting Games to Play

Spending time playing games is a fun activity. To avoid getting bored of games with similar themes, you can try playing some fire fighting games.

This game is quite challenging because you will be encouraged to play quickly. Here are a series of fire fighting games that are fun and don’t burden your phone. Come on, play with Techpk!

List of 15 Best Fire Fighting Games For Android

1. Fire Engine Simulator

Fire Engine Simulator

Playing the Fire Engine Simulator game will take you to feel what it’s like to be a firefighter.

You can drive a fire truck in the city and go to the place where the fire happened. Of course, your job is to put out the fire that devours the building. 

This game offers easy game control. You can also arrange a fire truck or buy clothes for duty as needed. Try the Fire Engine Simulator game here.

2. Real Fire Truck Driving Simulator: Fire Fighting

Real Fire Truck Driving Simulator- Fire Fighting

This one fire fighting game is also a must try. Real Fire Truck Driving Simulator: Fire Fighting allows you to try to drive a fire engine to get to the scene of a fire accident.

Not only that, you also have to bring this fire truck back safely to the base. Unfortunately, along the way, there are several challenges that you must go through.

In this game, you can choose one of about 5 different fire engines. 

You don’t need to be afraid of having trouble controlling the fire engine, because all the controls are easy to operate and are listed on the screen. Download Real Fire Truck Driving Simulator: Fire Fighting game here to play it.

3. Fire Truck Driving Simulator

Fire Truck Driving Simulator

This one fire fighting game offers an exciting game. Fire Truck Driving Simulator has a collection of realistic and cool fire trucks. This game also has easy-to-access controls, so it can be played by all ages.

Your job is of course to be a firefighter who must be alert to help residents from disasters. 

You have to drive fire truck in the middle of city traffic to get to your destination fast. 

In addition, you also have to extinguish the fire that consumes the building. Not only buildings, you also have to deal with burning cars. Ready to become a best firefighter?

4. EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy

EMERGENCY HQ- rescue strategy

If other games only allow players to drive cars and put out fires, in EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy, you can take on a rescue mission with even more control.

Yes, in this game, you can build a fire department base from scratch. You are tasked to lead rescue missions from fire, crime and terrorism disasters. 

In addition, you can deploy other teams such as police and doctors to help with these missions. Very interesting, right? Try the game EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy by downloading it via this link.

5. Fire Truck Driving Simulator – Lotus Games

Fire Truck Driving Simulator - Lotus Games

You can also try Fire Truck Driving Simulator from Lotus Games. This firefighter game comes with a good graphic display for games in its class. The fire truck is also similar to the one in the real world.

You will certainly play the role of a reliable firefighter. Later, there will be notifications that there have been catastrophic fires in several areas. You must immediately go to the scene and extinguish the fire there. 

Once you’ve finished putting out a fire in one particular place, you’ll have to move on to another scene in the next area. Interested to try this game? Download Fire Truck Driving Simulator directly from Lotus Games via the following link.

6. Fire Truck: Fire Fighter Game

Fire Truck- Fire Fighter Game

You must complete the rescue mission immediately. You have to drive a fire truck and go as fast as possible to save as many people as possible.

Your job as a firefighter in this game is not only about driving the fire truck properly, but also being able to extinguish the raging fire swiftly.

You will be faced with disaster rescue missions in several places, such as airports, houses and apartments, hospitals, and even accident sites. 

Don’t worry, you will be equipped with a sophisticated and capable fire truck while carrying out your duties. Play the game Fire Truck: Fire Fighter Game by downloading it here.

7. Fire Truck Rescue Training Sim

Fire Truck Rescue Training Sim

Next, there is the Fire Truck Rescue Training Sim game. This game allows you to carry out the duties of a firefighter who must save civilian lives quickly.

Yes, you will be asked for help by receiving notification of a fire disaster that occurred in a building. You have to go in and save the trapped people. Apart from that, you will of course need to drive a fire truck and also put out the fire.

This firefighter game makes us feel at home playing because it has a good 3D graphic display for games in its class. Download the game Fire Truck Rescue Training Sim via this link.

8. Idle Firefighter Tycoon

Idle Firefighter Tycoon

This Idle Firefighter Tycoon game is different from the list of games previously discussed. Idle Firefighter Tycoon itself is a tycoon game that allows you to build, manage and become the owner of a firefighter base.

Yes, you have to build a fire station from scratch, by buying fire trucks and recruiting officers. 

Once you’ve made a big profit, you can expand your base by building other branches, buying more modern fire trucks and even recruiting paramedics.

Not only managing the base, in this game you also have to provide assistance to the officers who carry out disaster rescue missions. 

9. City Rescue Fire Truck Games

City Rescue Fire Truck Games

City Rescue Fire Truck Games is a game released by Vinegar Games in 2016. This game is not much different from the fire fighting games we have discussed.

However, the rescue missions that you have to complete here are no less challenging, you know. You have to save the lives of people trapped in tall buildings, malls, or schools.

Apart from being a firefighter, you can try your hand at paramedic duties and drive an ambulance to rescue victims. Try City Rescue Fire Truck Games here.

10. Fire Truck Sim: Driving Game

Fire Truck Sim- Driving Game

This game from Roadster Inc has been downloaded by more than 1 million users on Android. Fire Truck Sim: Driving Game will require your ‘driving’ skills in the game.

You have to drive the fire truck to the crime scene carefully. Put out the fire that engulfs the building or car and save the lives of the people who are there. Download the game Fire Truck Sim: Driving Game via this link.

11. Fire idle: Fire truck games

firefighter idle game

This game has a 3D animated graphic display like a tycoon game. And you become the only firefighter in town. 

You have a duty to help communities affected by fires with trucks and fire extinguishers that you carry. The fun thing is, this game has different levels of play and each level has a different level of difficulty.

Once you earn, you can upgrade your trucks and fire extinguishers to make your job easier. Download Fire idle: Fire truck games here.

12. American FireFighter City Rescue 2021

American FireFighter City Rescue 2021

Released in 2019, the American FireFighter City Rescue game has been played by more than 300 thousand Android users. You can get it through Playstore.

In this game, you will be lined up to become a city firefighter in the United States. So, there are a lot of skyscrapers in several cities that have blackout missions. You can also complete blackout missions in schools or even office buildings.

In addition to buildings, players must also complete fire fighting missions to shopping centers and transportation means to be able to continue to the next level. Immediately complete the mission. Download the game here.

13. Fire Truck Driving Rescue 911 Fire Engine

Fire Truck Driving Rescue 911 Fire Engine

No less interesting, the next fire fighting game that you can play is Fire Truck Driving Rescue 911 Fire Engine.

This game will put you as a fire truck driver. When playing the game, users must be responsive and alert when receiving a 911 emergency call.

From picking up firefighting equipment, to sliding to locations and completing missions. Not only being a firefighter hero who continues to deal with fire, players must also be able to save residents who are trapped when a fire occurs.

Until now this game itself has been downloaded by more than 1 million Android users through the Playstore, while the size of the game application only contains 65 MB. Interested? You can play the game here.

14. Flying Firefighter Truck Transform

Flying Firefighter Truck Transform

It’s true, this game has a larger size than the previous games, which is 89 MB. However, this Flying Firefighter Truck Transform game offers you another experience.

In this game, players can turn the fire truck they are traveling in into a state-of-the-art fire truck that can fly!

So, you don’t have to be afraid of traffic jams. In addition, the fire truck in the game can also be transformed into a robot or better known as a transform.

There are also various missions that must be completed in order to continue to advance to the next level. This game itself has been downloaded by more than 1 million Android users on the Playstore.

15. Little Fire Station Game

Little Fire Station Game

This firefighter game specially designed for kids has also been downloaded by more than 1 million people on Playstore. Although intended for children this game has quite a lot of missions to complete.

Initially, this 46 MB size game will provide a complete overview along with the blackout tasks that will be introduced to children.

Then, the child will be asked to complete missions to extinguish fires in large buildings or save trapped pets. This game is very fun and will not frustrate children. Let’s try to play the game here!

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The various kinds of firefighting themed games above can fill your spare time. In fact, there are also firefighting games that are intended for children. If so, which game do you prefer to play?