10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

Scanners are now no longer a new item in the circle of offices, businesses , and even personal needs. Because of the need for fast mobility in various matters, the matter of archiving documents also needs to be digitized. They are then stored electronically and are easier to access or send in less time.

Have you found the best PC scanner application for archiving your important documents? The number of compatible scanner applications for PCs might make you confused about their respective strengths. Don’t let your work time run out just researching individual apps. Better to see the review of the 10 best scanner applications for PC or Laptop specifically for you below!

Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC And Laptops

1. Abbyy Fine Reader

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

Who is still having trouble editing the contents of the scan file? If usually the scans will be in the form of images that are difficult to edit, you won’t find that in Abbyy Fine Reader . Your digital scanned documents can be immediately corrected as needed with the ability to export into various extensions. Starting from the format of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, or other file forms.

There are two easy ways to operate it. The first way is to select the Text to Clipboard, Table to Clipboard or Image to Clipboard options. Then use the capture feature to highlight the desired part and paste it in the desired file format.

The second way, you just need to select the option which will convert the file automatically. Such as Text to Microsoft Word, Table to Microsoft Excel, Text to File, Table to File, Image to File and others. Very easy and practical, right?

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

Just like other Adobe applications that are rich in useful features, Adobe Acrobat DC is also one of the most reliable scanner applications on the PC. Apart from being able to scan documents, it will also ensure document security very well.

The reason is, this application is equipped with a unique security system that can only be accessed by some people. So, documents are saved without worrying about being lost when needed.

For matters of converting documents into PDF format, this application is a master. With the features in it, you don’t need to uniform all file types first. Whether it’s an image, text in Microsoft Word, or maybe an entire email can be instantly turned into a PDF.

Don’t worry because this scanner is perfectly compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems. But for a better scanning experience , you can also subscribe to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to be able to enjoy more complete features.

3. Omnipage Standard

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

Another PC scanner application that has successfully stolen the attention of professionals is Omnipage Standard . Equipped with OCR scanning technology, this application provides very helpful accuracy of results. Export into various forms such as Corel, HTML, and other formats is also faster because it is integrated in this scanner package.

Converting a document image or photo to a legible format is quite complete in a very short time. Moreover, the converted form looks the same as the original file. You might not recognize which one is the original and which one is the scan result.

Unfortunately to use this you must have a PC with a Windows system only. Don’t forget to always adjust your Windows version to the Omnipage Standard version so that it fits and runs optimally.

4. PaperScan

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

When scanning documents, it is sometimes difficult to get the right position so you have to do it repeatedly. But it’s a different story when choosing Paperscan because you only need one scanning process . Then the rest take advantage of the rotate facility to straighten the layout.

Editing can also be done more optimally, such as removing blank pages, removing existing marks, and balancing color effects. And do not miss the support for output files in various formats, such as PDF, TIFF, and JBIG2.

5. Docufree

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

So many documents that have to be scanned sometimes becomes a super annoying time. Not finished tidying up the paper documents, you have to arrange the documents in separate folders. This kind of work will certainly only take time and dethrone other important tasks.

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Now, to answer your difficulties, Docufree can be the right solution for scanning hundreds of documents practically too fast. Documents will be identified and made easier to find because they will be integrated with other applications.

Docufree will place all your documents in ScanCloud which need to be activated first. That way you can always track the scanning process and perform other activities. For example sending to any party complete with document usage control using smart web

6. Readiris Pro

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

Retyping work is out of date, because Readiris Pro is ready to help you change the scan file so that it is ready to be repaired. Support for OCR facilities in it will identify PDF files, images or other unreadable documents. And in seconds the copy will appear in the editable format you want.

Here it is not only the scanning process that is running. You can also improve the layout of the document, add writing, to correct its contents. Everything is done in one complete application that will speed up work. And in order to further support performance, make sure to always adjust the version of your computer’s operating system with the latest Readiris Pro versions, huh!

7. ScanSpeeder

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

After struggling with important files, now is the time to bring your favorite printed photos in digital form using ScanSpeeder . Save even more time even though you have to scan album-filled images with just one click.

Not only fast, but also complete about color combinations. Even ScanSpeeder claims to have nearly 65,000 types of colors compared to other applications. That way the complex gradations are drawn more smoothly and coalesce so that they are similar to the original.

This application can be the right choice for those of you who like to collect photos. For satisfying facilities and results, it is definitely better to have the paid Pro Edition version. However, for simple scanning, you can download it for free on the official ScanSpeeder website.

8. WinScan2PDF

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

Here it is one PC scanner application that is suitable for all scanner tools, namely WinScan2PDF . Not to mention the ability to scan multiple page documents at once into PDF form which makes this application quite brilliant.

On the other hand, unfortunately the preview of the scan results is not displayed so it can only be checked after the final PDF file is formed. Take it easy, even so you can still change the quality of the file results according to the level you want. Or if necessary, save the scan results as a JPEG file to be attached to other applications.

You could say this one scanner application is quite simple for the PC level. Worry-free with excess CPU and RAM usage capacity. Even though it is small in size, its scanning capabilities cannot be underestimated.

9. Free Scan to PDF

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

Another PC scanner application that carries a simple concept with full functionality is brought by Free Scan to PDF . Without many document editing support features, all files will immediately turn into PDF files that are ready to be accessed anywhere. Facilities available will soon connect the scanner, meng- copy documents and collect.

But don’t underestimate it yet. Options to support PDF display are still well supported, such as paper size, resolution, brightness and color contrast. This simple model is perfect for personal use that doesn’t require a lot of additional corrections. As long as your PC / Laptop is based on the Windows operating system. Everything from Windows XP to Windows 8 is suitable for this application.

10. Not Another PDF Scanner 2

10 Best Scanner Applications for Scanning Documents on PC

No other scanner application apart from this application is capable of extracting text from the scanned page . You only need to activate OCR Setup and adjust the language in the scanned document. There are more than 100 language options that can be selected to detect so that they accurately retrieve the word.

What about the image scanning process? After the scan is complete, it’s time to do a little editing. For example , rotate, crop , change brightness and contrast or rearrange the scanned image. Then select the result extension, whether it’s JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or PDF.

Finding Not Another PDF Scanner 2 (NAPS2) is not as difficult as finding a needle in hay. The official website is also available so that it is easy for anyone to download this application and install it on a PC. The quick solution scans any file right away in just one click.

So, those are the 10 recommended scanner applications that are suitable for personal and office circles. Each of them definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The key is to study every characteristic of the application thoroughly so that you can turn the shortcomings into maximum output. Hopefully this information can be a new reference for you to try other alternatives. Of the ten choices above, which application is the most favorite? Oh yeah, don’t forget to visit the best scanner application articles on Android and iOS too