10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF

Sometimes when it comes to submitting files to apply for jobs, companies require job applicants to send the file in PDF format . Likewise when in the office, for file security, Word documents are usually converted into PDF documents. To do this conversion a reliable Word to PDF convert application is required .
There are many choices of applications that can convert from Word to PDF, as well as in JPEG , PNG, BMP, TIFF, and other formats easily and reliably. There are applications that are free as well as paid ones. Some applications allow users to adjust resolution settings such as the DPI of the PDF result, page size, and much more. Here are the application options.

1. TalkHelper

10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF
TalkHelper PDF Converter is a comprehensive offline Word to PDF converter that is easy to use and has many excellent features. Apart from converting DOCX to PDF, users also have access to a built-in OCR feature to help extract text data from images in Word files.
As one of the all-in-one Word to PDF convert applications , this software brings the best of convenience by offering a partial Word to PDF conversion feature that gives users the option to change certain pages or page ranges.
Apart from that, the batch conversion feature helps users convert multiple Word files to PDF at the same time. This application provides the highest quality results, there is no limit to any file size, retains the original format. The app also has some additional tools to separate, combine, and extract only the data you want. Download TalkHelper.

2. Foxit Reader

10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF
Foxit Reader is a useful program that allows users to read as well as create PDF files. Just download and install this versatile PDF Reader program and start creating your own PDF files.
This application installs a PDF printer as well as a PDF plugin in MS Word to create a PDF from Word. Other document formats are also supported by this application. For example, to create a PDF from a DOC or DOCX file, open it in MS Word and click Create PDF from the Foxit Reader PDF menu .
This software will convert an opened Word document into a PDF. Another method can be done via the Print command. Open the document and issue a print order; now select Foxit Reader PDF Printer from the printer list and click the print button to save the file as PDF.
Foxit Reader also supports drag & drop feature, just run the application and mass drag & drop Word files in the window, the files will be automatically converted to PDF. Users can save the converted PDF files one by one to the desired location. Download Foxit Reader.

3. PDF24 Creator

10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF
This application to convert word to PDF is a free application. PDF24 Creator can convert Word documents to PDF. To do so, the user must first download the application and install it on the PC. This application also installs a virtual printer on the user’s PC.
When giving a print order from a Word document, the user can select PDF24 PDF as the current printer from the printer list. When clicking the Print button, a new dialog box opens where the user can set parameters such as quality, etc.
Click the Save as PDF button to save the file in PDF format at the desired location. Users can also use the preview feature before saving the final PDF file. Download PDF24 Creator.

4.7-PDF Maker

This software is a Windows-only tool for converting DOCX to PDF and supports more than 80 file formats without the need for a printer driver. 7-PDF Maker can generate PDF files indexed from Word files and at the same time retain hyperlinks from references in the original files.
What’s great about this convert word to PDF application is that users can easily create content lists from Word paragraphs without forgetting that this application converts DOC to PDF offline without relying on ghost scripts.
To help users convert Word documents faster, this app features Windows Explorer Shell integration for a one-click conversion process. A command line version is also available and is very useful for facilitating batch conversion.
Apart from the offline Word to PDF converter, the app also has a PDF viewer to help you preview the converted PDF files. 7-PDF Maker also has a portable version which can be carried on a USB drive. The portable version can save Word files to PDF on a computer without the need to install the program. Download 7-PDF Maker.

5. iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional

10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF
iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional is an offline Word to PDF converter application that supports both Mac and Windows platforms. The process of saving a Word file into a PDF file of the highest quality can be done easily
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Apart from the DOC to PDF conversion process, this app also allows users to add annotations or notes when needed. Not only that, if the document has an image with text data content, this application is able to extract it thanks to its built-in OCR feature.
For security purposes, the resulting PDF files can be encrypted with a password so that only authorized parties can gain access. For convenience, iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional makes working with a large number of Word files easier and less time-consuming.
You do this by letting users enter the batch conversion feature . To make things better, the whole formatting process will be maintained to ensure consistency between the DOC / DOCX source and the final PDF file. Download iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional.

6. Z-ViPrinter

10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF
This program makes it possible to perform conversions even from Word documents as well as other Office document files. To use it the user needs to install the program, then send the Print command .
Select the Z-ViPrinter from the printer list and start the conversion process. Then, set the location after the conversion is complete and save it there. Users can also set DPI, paper size, split PDF for converted pages. Download the Z-ViPrinter.

7. Nitro Pro

10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF
Nitro Pro is one of the most powerful Word to PDF converters for Windows. This software converts compatible PDFs. Previously, PDF documents could be opened on a PC but when the same files were opened on a smartphone, they were not compatible.
Nitro Pro comes with a solution to solve this problem. After converting a PDF document to a Word document, it is automatically compatible with any device. With this guarantee, this application gets positive reviews from users.
This application is here to make file transfer from one device to another easier and faster. When converting documents to PDF, Nitro Pro offers a unique feature in editing the results. This feature allows the user to change the font, style and customize the document before showing the result. Download Nitro Pro.

8. doPDF

10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF
doPDF is a free PDF Printer or PDF creator software. Users can convert Word files to PDF easily. This application installs a PDF printer as well as a menu containing commands. User can create PDF from Word document by giving Print command.
Another way is to click the menu and click the Save as PDF button . Users can adjust the quality of the PDF results. The doPDF application also has a font embed feature .
Various standard paper sizes are available and users can also set custom sizes. A variety of other adjustments can be applied prior to creating the final PDF. Download doPDF.

9. novaPDF

10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF
novaPDF is an offline Word to PDF convert application that aims to make the document exchange process easy and efficient. This app will precisely convert files to PDF and make them viewable on any device.
Files can be workflows, reports, price lists, e-mails, forms, or packages in DOCX or DOC format. This app can be used as a universal printer and on top of that it features a useful Microsoft Office add-in for direct DOC to PDF conversion.
novaPDF also allows users to secure converted PDF files with a password to restrict access and they can also bookmark PDFs for personalization purposes. The links in the original Word file will be turned into clickable links in the PDF file.
At the same time, the layout and overall formatting of the DOC to PDF files are preserved. When needed, users can also save Word files to PDF in batch mode to save time.
Other features that can be enjoyed by users are direct sharing, working with presets, defining tags among other features. Download novaPDF.

10. UniPDF

10 Best Applications to Convert Word Documents to PDF
UniPDF is a versatile tool suitable for the Word to PDF conversion process with great results that retain all the images, text, layouts and forms of their original file formats. With this program, users can change one Word document or several files at the same time.
Just use batch mode as the solution. UniPDF’s Word to PDF converter offers lightning fast DOC to PDF transformations and saves a lot of time and effort. Instead of converting the entire Word file, users can choose partial conversion mode.
So it only produces individual pages or the required page ranges. Better yet, the user interface is very friendly and multilingual to make it easier for novice users. Download UniPDF .
The application to convert Word to PDF is a necessity not only for employees, but also for students and university students. With this application it is possible to convert Word documents to PDF or other forms. For those who want an application that doesn’t have to pay, an application is available that is free.
How to convert a Word document to PDF is also very easy, with just one click. Not only one file, several applications can change several files at once, saving time. If you have a document that needs to be converted to PDF, simply select one of the programs above. Easy, right?